About Me

I'm passionate about everything that revolves around the world of coding, technology, and computer science, but not only! I'm graduated in Computer Science from "ITT Marconi" (Rovereto, TN) and I'm currently a student at the University of Verona, in the Computer Science department.
With excellent teamwork and communication skills, I like to participate in Hackathons, University, and individual challenges.
In my free time, I like to explore tech thematic topics, play sports and realize some ideas that wander in my mind.


University of Verona

 2019 - now 

Master Degree Student in Computer Engineering for Robotics and Smart Industry for Embedded and IoT Systems (L32)

University of Verona

 2016 - 2020 

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science (L31)

ITT Marconi Rovereto

 2013 - 2016 

High scool diploma in computer science

- Major coursework: Systems and networks (Cisco CLI) and programming (C#)



Estimating indoor occupancy through low-cost BLE devices

- Demrozi, F., Chiarani, F., Turetta, C., Kindt, P. and Pravadelli, G.
- IEEE Sensors Journal. 2021 April.


A low-cost BLE-based distance estimation, occupancy detection and counting system.

- Demrozi, F., Chiarani, F., and Pravadelli, G.
- In 2021 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE) . IEEE. Grenoble, France.


IoT4Care Lab @ University of Verona

 Apr 2021 – Now 

Graduate Research Student

- website

- Research and Development in Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), Internet of (Medical) Things (IoMT), Sensors and Edge computing

Reply technology

 Jun 2020 – Oct 2020 

Financial Service Consultant

- website

- Java EE consultant for the UniCredit-Bank. Maintenance of legacy code on frontend and backend. Working with Oracle and IBM technologies.

Industrial Computer Engineering Lab (IceLab)

 Dec 2020 - now 


- website

- Collaboration with ICE lab to conduct the university bigdata exam. Responsible for adding a REST APIs middleware to interface and interact to an event-driven architecture working on a kubernetes-based architecture. In addition, development of a tool for benchmarking data transmission in order to identify bottlenecks within the architecture and test server behaviour during peak loads.

ESD Lab @ University of Verona

 Dec 2020 - Gen 2021 


- website

- Android Developer

- Development of an android application for and reading data via bluetooth from sensors and video capture from the integrated camera, to support movement analysis of patients with neurological diseases.

Academic Tutor

 Nov 2020 - Feb 2021 

Computer networks tutor @University of Verona

- Teaching of "Computer networks" in the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science..

Academic Tutor

 Nov 2020 - Feb 2021 

Programming and software engineering tutor @University of Verona

- Teaching of "Programming II and software engineering" in the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

ESD Lab @ University of Verona

 Aug 2019 - May 2020 

BS Computer Science Graduate Candidate

- website

- An exhaustive study on Fog and Edge Computing, to identify the possible applications of this knowledge in the field of industry 4.0 and health care.

- Thesis abstract: The fog computing is becoming a very important computing paradigm. It is a horizontal architecture, at the system level, useful to seamlessly distribute computing resources and services, to data storage and control network functionality on the infrastructure that connects the Cloud to the Internet of Things (IoT). Fog computing was born to solve the problems of cloud computing (cost, bandwidth, real-time and computational distribution) created by the exponential amount of data generated by the new IoT devices. Therefore, the fog computing paradigm and IoT devices, specifically Bluetooth low energy devices, are exploited to perform occupancy detection and counting and activity recognition through RSSI, and sensing in general, over smartphone devices. In this thesis work a mobile application has been defined that collects BLE sensor data at frequencies of 25-100Hz and performs occupancy detection and counting through a previously trained machine learning model.


 Nov 2018 - now 

Tech Lead

- website

- Sketch and design the system architecture

- MorammaTM is a real-time system to manage the music in the premises, governed by the events of the environment. - Head of the development team; defined the architectural choices and development of the back-end and front-end for the management of real-time events


 Sept 2019 - May 2020 

Software Engineer

- website

- Development of a library in Node.js and a web interface in React to monitor and control the environmental parameters of sensors in an office.

ESD Lab @ University of Verona



- Sketch and develop websites for VLSI-SOC-2018 and FDL-2018 conferences.


 Mar 2017 - Jun 2017 

Android Developer

- website

- Development of an android application that manage pictures and handle authentication for the mechanics




- website

- High school internship

Software Projects

Algo. Sorting Visualizer

 Mar 2020 

- Project

- Developed a sorting algorithms visualizer tool in React.js

Meteo Trentino App

 Gen 2018 - now 

- Google Playstore

- Developed and android application for weather alerts and forecasting wich integrate OpenAPI provided from Province of Trento

Meteo Trentino Bot

 Gen 2017 - now 

- Telegram Bot Link

- Developed a telegram bot for weather alerts and forecasting wich integrate OpenAPI provided from Province of Trento

Covid19 Trento Bot

 Mar 2020 

- Telegram Bot Link

- Developed a telegram bot for retrive the leatest data about covid19 status in the province of Trento

OTL (Over The Light)

 Dec 2018 - Mar 2019 

- Github repo

- Using Tasmota (open source) firmware flashed on a sonoff (esp8266) actuator, made a smart home light system based on an architecture made by backend and android app as client.

Meteo Trentino Alexa Skill

 Dec 2018 

-Develop some basic skill with node.js for Amazon Alexa skill marketplace for getting cool swag gadget by Amazon.

Hackathons / Conf.

IEEE Sensors Council Conference

 Feb 2021 


- IEEE Sensors Council

Google Hashcode 2021

 1 Mar 2021 


- Google Coding Competitions

- With team, "The unga bungas", came 16'th in #Italy in the #HashCode21 Extended Round.

Node.js Day


- Conf. website

Node.js day conference @Verona

Google Hashcode 2020

 20 Feb 2020 


- Google Coding Competitions

- With team, "//TODO:", came in 3rd place overall in the HashCode Online Qualification Round at Italy / University of Verona.

Google Hashcode 2019

 01 Mar 2019 


- Google Coding Competitions

- With team, "we push to master", came in 3rd place overall in the HashCode Online Qualification Round at Italy / University of Verona.

Google Hashcode 2018

 01 Mar 2018 


- Google Coding Competitions

- With team, "undefined", came in rank #2664.

Google Cloud Next



- Google Next

- Sessions dedicates a profound technological dive into the cloud environment on topics such as productivity, collaboration, infrastructure, big data, app development, machine learning and mobility with

University of Verona

 18 Oct 2018 

Security, Privacy, and AI: un'eterna ghirlanda brillante

- Seminar at uniVR held by Piero A. Bonatti concerning the main cross-influences between the three areas in question and some of the problems that this fascinating interdisciplinary research field will have to solve.

University of Verona


Bitcoin e Blockchain: oltre l'hype

- Organized by Blockchain Education Network Italia, a foundation that promotes the use of Blockchain technology through meetings and courses for the university environment and will be held in the context of the cryptography course by professor Roberto Segala.


Language (EN): UniVR CLA, B2 (FCA)

Language (EN): Cambridge English, B1 (PET)

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